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Yoga classes in Southampton

Yoga that makes the Impossible - Possible!

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Yoga classes in Southampton

Welcome to MeetaYoga

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Namaste and welcome!

Meeta - teaching her own unique style of yoga classes in and around Southampton since 2001

'Yoga makes the impossible possible.'

Meeta believes that inner peace can be found through breath, physical exercise, mindfulness and awareness.

Possessing a huge repertoire of yoga styles and techniques, she offers a range of unscripted yoga and mindful breathwork classes, ranging from the mellow and restorative to the challenging and dynamic. When you show up to the mat, you'll get something different every time.

Yoga is for everybody - and every body. Whether you're just discovering yoga, are a dedicated practitioner or somewhere in-between, we're all on the same journey.

You'll find a style of class that suits where you're at, and helps you journey forward at the same time. See you on the mat!

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Meetayoga in Southampton

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What can yoga with Meeta do for you?

What feels impossible or out of reach is different for everyone. What is it for you?

Are you seeking a sense of inner peace and happiness? Increased strength and flexibility? Better posture?

All of those things, and more, are possible when you join Meeta and your fellow yogis on the mat.

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'Pain is just a sensation...'

You'll hear Meeta say this in a typical yoga class. What does it mean... and what else can you expect from one of her classes?

First of all, do not be put off by this! Yoga is not just a workout for the body; it's for your mind and spirit too. When you're holding a pose and ready to give up, hearing the phrase 'Pain is just a sensation' gives you permission to find your edge, to push yourself just a little harder and dive a little deeper than you did before*.

In Meeta's classes you can expect:

  • encouragement and personal attention from Meeta; her style is to get to know each individual to help them on their journey
  • to experience a unique spiritual yet energetic atmosphere in each class
  • to feel your core strength, flexibility, stamina and sense of overall well-being improve
  • a challenge that suits your level of ability and experience
  • to emerge with a sense of accomplishment

*But always listen to your body!

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Meeta's amazing repertoire of styles

No matter how many years you practise regularly under Meeta's guidance - she always gives something new!

Meeta's Indian, East African, UK, Hindu cultural history has created a unique individual with the most wonderful approach to the World and to her teaching.

Her yogis love her not only because she is the most natural and authentic teacher of yoga, but also for the person she is.

Learn more about Meeta's styles >>

More about Meeta >>

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Totally new to yoga?

Check out our Beginners' class!

All of Meeta's classes are open to new yogis, but this class will give you confidence on your mat and some background knowledge of what yoga is all about... Taught by one of Meeta's teacher-qualified long-term students.

5 hours' step-by-step instruction covering all the basics in an informal style. A great way to begin your yoga journey.

Visit the beginners' class page

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Classes at Meeta's Pentire Avenue studio

A beautiful sanctuary for her yogis to practise

In 2005, Meeta set up her own beautiful custom-built, fully equipped studio adjacent to her home in Upper Shirley (just a 5-minute walk from Southampton Common).

This peaceful, intimate space is the perfect haven, where a small number of yogis can come and shut out the outside world. Take to your mat in Meeta's studio, and concentrate on your personal journey.

Read more about Meeta's class venues >>

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What do you need?

.. just follow your heart


  • an hour of your day to channel your energies, and enjoy some well-deserved 'me' time
  • a nice grippy mat (best to bring your own but Meeta can provide)
  • comfy clothing
  • maybe some water for the more intense classes, like Core or Hot Yoga
  • to free yourself from judgement - age, weight, flexibility and physique are no barriers here
  • to listen to your body - if you need to modify the postures so you're getting the most out of them, grab a block or two at the studio, or bring your own!


  • any previous experience
  • to be naturally bendy or on a particular diet
  • fancy gear - but if you have it, you're free to wear/bring it!

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Read Meeta's most recent newsletter

Meeta sends these to her yogis only once, occasionally twice per month

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