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Helping the yogis to get on their mats more often

.. by making MORE classes cost LESS!

Meeta's teaching combines many different styles of yoga, which when taken regularly sets us on a pathway towards total fitness, flexibility and stillness of mind..

We come to our yoga mats under the guidance of our chosen teacher seeking to calm our minds and along the way, we work to strengthen and stretch our bodies.

To REALLY feel the benefit of our teacher's guidance most of us would do well to attend three or four classes each week. This is a life choice. A personal commitment that we make to ourselves. It is an investment of time, effort, and money all mixed with a little dedication that we make in order to build and care for our mind, body and soul.

Meeta's Current Offers

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The 69 special

Only £69 to secure for yourself a ticket for every one of Meeta's on-line classes for 28 days *

One single payment from your kitty and get onto your mat for as many classes as you can in a 4 week period.

To REALLY feel the benefit of our teacher's guidance most of us would do well to attend 4 classes per week. This is a personal commitment to ourselves. It is an investment of time, effort and money that we make in order to nurture ourselves.

You have tried different teachers and found that what really suits you the best is Meeta's diversity of style, the spiritual quality of her voice as she delivers her classes, the way she pushes you to your edge - then brings you down gently to that beautiful place within.

Do yourself a great service. Make the decision to become the yogi you know is inside. and remember: Pain is only a sensation!

Make the choice - be a MeetaYoga Yogi !


* Please note conditions: 
1. Class packages are not applicable to extra mats on your booking, nor are they transferable.
2. Meeta reserves the right to cancel any scheduled class at 1 hour's notice should minimum numbers not be achieved.
3. If you book onto a class and find that you cannot attend, please cancel your booking.

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The MeetaYoga Library

Life is so busy that you can't always make it to your favourite classes?

Unable to get out of that meeting on time? Suffer from insomnia?

We all have those times when we get tied up with day-to-day trials and struggle to make it to the mat in time for that hour of 'me' time - or a spare hour at an unusual time when the mat beckons - but there is no class scheduled.

Sign up to this one and you will be able to get on your mat with Meeta's guidance at any time of the night or day.

With this add-on, you will have access to Meeta's incredible repertoire of classes whenever the mood takes you.

If you have been with Meeta for a while you just know when she would be adjusting your posture or reminding you to straighten that leg! so practising with a Meeta recorded class is ALMOST as good as a live class!


The MeetaYoga video library is currently only available as an add-on to the £69 special (above).

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