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Meeta's Styles

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Yogi, there is an option for everyone, with Meeta’s personal and hands-on style of delivery.

All of Meeta's classes intend that you will finish feeling positive, stronger and more supple, with your mind, body and soul replenished and restored before heading into your week. Doing more than one type of class helps to significantly increase all over strength and flexibility in the body and clarity of mind.

Classic Classes

Set yourself up for the day with a challenging flow of postures and dynamic breathwork.

Meeta weaves a variety of yoga styles together for a free-flowing class. The Classic class is for you if you want a dynamic and challenging session - and like not knowing what to expect on the day!

What you'll get is plenty of postures and detoxifying breathing exercises that will challenge your body, mind and spirit. You might get standing sequences, you might get floor-based sequences, or a combination of both.

Expect a degree of intensity, but that's nothing to be afraid of; Meeta constantly reminds us that all of our bodies are different and offers modifications for the less experienced and tougher options for the more practiced yogi. In Classic yoga, you will find your edge, whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi.

Hot Yoga

For several hours ahead of this class all of the heaters are turned up high. Room temperature can reach 33oC. with heavy humidity.

Hot yoga is designed to really open up your body. Your muscles will stretch, your breath will be heavy. Expect to sweat.

The heat enables you to get into postures more quickly and effectively and this helps to speed up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids whilst sweating promotes detoxification through the skin.

Just as when your body raises its temperature to fight infection, the raised temperature in the studio will assist in the proper functioning of your immune system.

Not suitable for yogis who suffer with asthma or lung conditions.

Please also note that Meeta's hot classes are often followed immediately with a Yin class where yogis wishing to take full advantage of the hot workout can wind down with beautiful stretching. This Yin class is a whole new experience - You will achieve stretches that didn't think were possible!


Nourishing and deep, this style is for you if you want to let go of your stress and worries, and focus on your inner self.

Held in a candlelit room to create a mood of warmth and tranquility, practise of Meeta's own 'iYINgar' style creates stability and strength, by blending two styles of yoga: the standing poses of the popular Iyengar style – known for its meticulous attention to detail, flexibility and breathwork – with the meditative, floor-based Yin.

You will learn to hold postures for longer, synchronise your breath with deep stretches and use props such as belts, blocks and bolsters. iYINgar will open up your mind, body and soul, and create stability, self-awareness and strength.

Experience the wonderful ambiance that Meeta generates in the studio during this class and see how good it feels to let go of tensions stored in the body, calming the nervous system and reducing stress.

Recommended during pregnancy

Shakti Yoga

Feeling low on energy and/or a little stressed? Then book yourself on this class!

Shakti is the Sanskrit word for 'power' or 'energy'.

Shakti Yoga is extremely beneficial in that it helps create balance between the Chakras. 'Chakra' being the Sanskrit word which literally translates to wheel or disk but in yoga and meditation, refers to the wheels of energy that exist within the body at the crossing points of the major Nadis (energy channels).

During these sessions Meeta will lead you through a sequence of Pranayama (exercises that control the breath) and asanas where you will work to develop your inner energy and power - with the goal of aligning and connecting your 7 major chakras. This balancing process will encourage sound sleep and detoxification of the body, resulting in improved strength and coordination.

Also in this class Meeta will incorporate a set of Tibetan Rites and Mantras from Kundalini tradition. Tibetan 5 is an ancient yoga sequence consisting of 5 exercises, each one performed 21 times.

You will leave your mat feeling boosted energy and reduced stress. How can you not give it a try?

Core Yoga

Can't make it to the gym? This class is for YOU!

Not for the faint of heart. When Meeta takes her yogis into the core zone there are some groans in the studio. This is hard work. Our teacher leads from the front as we concentrate on our six-pack using her specially coordinated sequence of postures designed to increase the power of our abdominal muscles, our inner strength, our will-power.

When kept in good condition this very important array of muscles help prevent back and neck problems and protect the body from injury, whilst at the same time improving posture and strength.

Perfect for people who enjoy sport, who enjoy a work-out, who understand the body's need for good posture and breath - in this class you will push your edges - but at the end, the wind-down is a wonderful release - and Shavasana is blissful !

Yin Yoga

Extend your range of motion with long holds and deep stretches. An intense, slow-burner of a class

Yin yoga restores and rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. You'll enjoy this class if you want something slow, meditative and entirely floor-based whilst still offering a challenge. Through long holds, using props such as blocks, belts and bolsters, the Yin style targets the deep connective tissues within your body. It lengthens and strengthens - gently increasing your range of motion.

As you surrender into the postures, perhaps you will experience a gentle helping hand (or foot!) from Meeta to help you push that little bit deeper and open yourself up just that little bit extra. It's intense, it's a slow burn - and you'll be back for more!

Recommended during pregnancy


A package of flowing postures. Energetic, stretchy, relaxing and spiritual. An awesome way to head into the weekend!

We begin with an active, energetic flow - concentrating on increasing bloodflow and strengthening the main muscle groups.

In the second half of the class we wind down into beautiful long stretches aiming to finish with in total relaxation while Meeta speaks wisdom to our souls.

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