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Meeta's Workshops are entirely suitable for all levels of practitioner and all workshops follow a similar pattern.

We begin with a 90 minute yoga workshop during which Meeta will concentrate our efforts into the muscle groups targeted by the current event. Each yogi will receive guidance appropriate to his/her own level of practise.

When the yoga is done, volunteers lend a hand to set up the studio for the social section whilst Meeta returns to her kitchen to put her finishing touches to the food. The rest of the evening is given over to dinner, banter, and friendly chat. Lovely!

Next Workshop: Friday 1st October

See below for full details and booking form - Mark your diary NOW!

1st October 2021
Deep yogic shoulder opening


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Time:- 6pm
At Meeta's Pentire Studio

The Yoga

In this workshop we will focus on the deep, shoulder-opening poses and transitions which emphasize breathing techniques to reduce stress and tension, and fundamental principles of alignment.

We will move slowly and mindfully, using props to support some postures. Perfect for people who want to open their shoulders and build strength in their arms, and for the experienced yogi looking to complement a strong practise with a deeper release and subtle alignment. 

Meeta will teach you how to breathe mindfully to reduce stress levels; to improve awareness for a healthier body, and to help you develop self-confidence in each pose.


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The Food

Meeta will serve Spicy vegetarian burritos stuffed with red kidney beans and baked in a hot Cajun flavoured tomato sauce, served with starter Meeta’s special salad and of course a desert.

Kidney beans are a very good source of cholesterol-lowering fibre, as are most other beans.

PLEASE if you are vegan let Meeta know so she can prepare your burritos using vegan cheese along with her own.

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