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Yoga classes in Southampton

Yoga that makes the Impossible - Possible!

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Beginners' Yoga Class in Southampton

Preparing for MeetaYoga

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Preparing for your Yoga journey

Learn the basics of yoga.

This relaxed and informal face to face course will give you confidence to attend any class.

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Great Value

Includes 5 hours' tuition, face to face in the MeetaYoga studio where we are able to answer questions and advise on correct posture alignment.


On successful completion of the course each participant will have their first paid class with Meeta refunded so the second class is free!

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Introduction to yoga
Meeta's Pentire studio

Meeta's classes are open to experienced practitioners and beginners alike. Many new yogis will just join a class and pick it up as they go along, and that is great ..

.. However, it is never a bad idea to first do an introductory course to cover the basics, answer all the questions and become familiar with the studio environment.

This 5-class course is designed to introduce newcomers to our wonderful activity of yoga, providing step-by-step guidance on how to get into the basic yoga postures - and how to move between them - plus some simple discussion on yoga philosophy.

Our objective is to ensure that on completion of the course participants are comfortable in their knowledge of basic yoga and their ability to achieve a wide range of postures and techniques.

Who's teaching?

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Hi, I'm Graham!

I have practised very regularly under Meeta's instruction since 2005.

Encouraged by several of Meeta's other students, in January 2020 I went off to India and completed my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training course under the brilliant Vijay Dutt at Pratham Yoga, Rishikesh.

In a previous life I trained as a course designer and instructor in the Royal Navy. This has combined perfectly with my long-time yoga practise, enabling me to design and deliver this beginners' course for MeetaYoga.

In all things, I am passionate about getting the basics right before adding the bells and whistles - and so in this 5 week course I will take you on a journey through the absolute basics, from studio etiquette, through the breathing techniques, posture groups - and along the way a potted history of yoga philosophy.

Our classes will be relaxed and we will have a bit of fun as together we explore the fundamentals.

I will be delighted if you decide to join me!

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Fully Booked
Our April/May course is now underway and no longer open for bookings

The next course will be scheduled for the Autumn

If you'd like us to send you a reminder when bookings open, please drop us a message via Meeta's contact form (see in the page footer) and we will contact you at that time.

Don't forget that beginners are always welcome in Meeta's classes. Why not give her a call? Begin your journey!

Namaste! :)

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Yogi Thoughts on Beginners' course..

testimonial by:-

Daniel F

The Meeta Yoga Beginners course is a special gem.

Graham is a fantastic teacher who delivers his course with humour and enthusiasm that can only be cultivated from experience.

I felt in good hands at all times during the run time of the course. Graham knows when a class is ready for a push and nurtures students' belief in themselves to be able to achieve things they never thought they could!

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