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Working Around Coronavirus

Classes are still primarily on Zoom - but we are delighted to announce that some LIVE CLASSES ARE BACK!

Thursday evenings at St Denys, Saturday and Sunday mornings at my Pentire studio. Check out the class schedule for details. Limited numbers. Bring your own mat!


Namaste all - and welcome to MeetaYoga! Thank you for visiting.

Meeta continues to run her popular on-line live and interactive yoga classes from her Pentire studio directly to you in your own home.

Now, Meeta's LIVE in person yoga classes have recommenced on Thursday evenings (from 17th September) at the St Denys Church Centre and are running now on on Saturday and Sunday mornings at the Pentire studio in Shirley, Southampton

MeetaYoga in Southampton

Based in the heart of the city of Southampton, Meeta teaches yoga that, as she says, 'makes the impossible possible'

What feels impossible or out of reach is different for everyone. What is it for you - is it a sense of inner peace and happiness? Increased strength and flexibility? Better posture? All of those things, and more, are possible when you join Meeta and your fellow yogis on the mat.

You don't need previous experience, to be naturally bendy, or to wear fancy gear. Meeta's classes - all taught in her own unique style - are suitable for total beginers and advanced practitioners alike. All you have to do is bring yourself.

Channel your energy into a schedule of hour-long yoga classes. There's a range of styles to suit you, from challenging Core to restorative Yin, and you'll leave the mat feeling empowered, stronger and more supple every time.

Pain is only a sensation..

Meeta's style is of engagement with each individual; of personal attention for everyone. Core strength, flexibilty, stamina - all wrapped in a coating of well-being and 'ME' time.

Because each class is a one-off, designed around the individuals who are on their mats right here, right now whatever the level of your practise - rest assured that each and every class will be a challenge.

Don't worry .. It's only a sensation - the body has no choice but to get used to it!

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