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Yoga classes in Southampton

Yoga that makes the Impossible - Possible!

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Yoga Studios in Southampton

Meeta's venues

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MeetaYoga venues

Meeta teaches primarily from her own 'Pentire' studio and on-line - but also at other venues in Southampton.

This page describes those venues and provides information on how to find them.

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Meeta's home studio

23 Pentire Ave, Upper Shirley,
Southampton, SO15 7RT

A special place!

Custom-built in 2005, Meeta's studio is a beautiful haven of peace and tranquillity where her yogis may relax and concentrate on their personal journey through yoga and meditation.

Perfectly sized and fully fully equipped it is the go-to studio for the yogi who wishes to follow a path to flexibility, strength, and inner peace.

Come and experience it for yourself!

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Accessing the studio

Walk into the property and through the wrought-iron gates on the right..

Proceed along the covered walk-way, turning left then right to face the studio entrance.

Please remove footware before entering.

There are mini-cupboards for yogis' personal belongings to the right as you enter.

Please silence your mobile phone.

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Church of Immaculate Conception

346 Portswood Road,
Southampton, SO17 3SB

Meeta has taught 2 classes per week at this venue for several years now (pausing for the COVID19 lock-downs).

Yogis from the surrounding area in and around Portswood (including students from the University) have greatly enjoyed her classes.

Several of Meeta's old regulars from Portswood who had completed their studies at the uni and returned to their homes in the EU found her again on Zoom!

Current classes:
Tuesday evenings 6:15 - 7-15 pm

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Find us


There is pedestrian access to the church hall from the main entrance on Portswood Road but if you need to park, then the REAR entrance (as illustrated here) is ideally close to plentiful parking on Belgrave Road.

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