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Yoga classes in Southampton

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Yoga in Southampton

Core yoga with Meeta

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Your core is the centre of your power. This challenging class improves your posture, your breath, and your resilience.

This one is hard work - there's no way around it! But if that's what you're signing up for, you're in for a treat that will improve your foundational strength and enable you to achieve and hold your yoga postures generally.

In this class, you can expect to hear some groans and complaints; they might even be yours! Meeta's reply might just be: 'Pain is only a sensation'.

She'll lead you through a sequence of strengthening postures that will target your abdominals, lower back and obliques.


  • strengthens the muscles which help prevent back and neck injury
  • takes your yoga practice to the next level, allowing you to hold more advanced postures
  • improves posture and overall strength
  • great for sporty and active types - core strength improves running, cycling, dancing, rowing...

Meeta will occasionally deliver a workshop on the theme of 'core' but most often you will experience this as part of one of the regular classes. Somewhere in that hour she will include a few minutes of core work. The yogis reap great benefits and they hardly notice! 😏

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