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Yoga classes in Southampton

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HOT Yoga in Southampton

Hot yoga with Meeta

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Hot Yoga

How Meeta's hot yoga class works, and how it deepens your practice


For several hours ahead of this class, all of the heaters in the studio are turned up high. Room temperature can reach 33C, with heavy humidity.

There's no warmup quite like one performed in 30-degree heat; this allows you to get into the asanas (postures) more quickly.

Meeta will then guide you through a series of asanas that open up the chest, shoulders, hips and back, and strengthen your upper body and core. Bring water to rehydrate yourself - you will sweat.


  • Helps you go deeper into your postures
  • Raises your body temperature much like when you're fighting off an infection - aiding the function of your immune system
  • Sweating may help with weight loss, muscle recovery, heart health and detoxification
  • May burn around 500 calories an hour, so it's an ideal alternative to standard cardio
  • May also boost your mood and reduce your stress

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