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Yoga classes in Southampton

Yoga that makes the Impossible - Possible!

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MeetaYoga Newsletter

February '24

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Namaste dear yogis ..

In February's chill, yoga's warmth unfurls,
Stretching limbs, finding peace in whirls.
Breathe in the calm, let tensions release,
February's embrace, a gentle increase.
On the mat, in quiet reflection we sway,
Yoga's embrace guides us through the day.

Come on dear yogis! Embrace the rhythm, 
  let consistency bloom,
In constant repetition, we carve out our room.
Come to your mat regularly, 
  let commitment ignite,
Chase your edges, revel in your inner light.
Through each pose, resilience is found,
In the journey of practice, strength is unbound.

So, in February's grasp, let your dedication gleam,
A path of progress, like a flowing stream.
Dear yogis, trust the process, 
  let your practice unfold,
In this dance with your mat, 
  watch your story unfold.

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SUNDAY 10:30 am

🧘‍♀️Our hot yoga classes on Thursdays and Sundays are becoming increasingly popular, and spaces are filling up fast! To ensure you don't miss out on the opportunity to join us for a rejuvenating session, we kindly encourage you to book in advance. This way, you can secure your spot and avoid any disappointment. Prepare to sweat, stretch, and unwind in our bustling classes as you embark on a journey of physical and mental wellness. Don't wait until the last minute – reserve your place in advance and elevate your yoga experience with us!

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Payment for Retreats, Workshops, Courses

Please note that Meeta's business bank details have changed.

Please remember to change this in your electronic bank transfer set-up

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Details will be given to you as you book. Please read screen and emails carefully during your on-line booking process for Retreats and Workshops.

This will NOT affect 'Kitty' payments for normal yoga classes.

Upcoming Events

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Workshops at Meeta's Pentire Studio

All workshops start at 6:00

Friday evening workshops with food and social

Join us for our wonderful 90 minutes yoga workshops, each followed by a delicious meal from Meeta's kitchen and some nice relaxing social chat before heading for home stretched and relaxed.

Upcoming workshops:-

Fri, 9th February: Yin workshop

Yin yoga, a gentle yet profound practice, invites us to sink into stillness and surrender. Embracing long-held, passive poses, Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissues of the body, promoting flexibility, relaxation, and inner peace. As we melt into each posture, we are encouraged to release tension, both physical and emotional, allowing for a profound sense of release and renewal. Through mindful breath and patient exploration of each pose, Yin yoga offers a pathway to introspection and self-discovery, nurturing not only the body but also the spirit. It is a practice of compassion, inviting us to listen to the whispers of our bodies and honor our individual needs with kindness and grace.

Fri, 1st March: Free your Back

Fri, 22nd March : Release your Hips and Hamstrings

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SUNDAY 5th May 2024

At Pentire studio; starting at 10.30 am

Set aside a moment from your bustling schedule to rejuvenate your energy with an extended yoga experience. Join our Mini Yoga Retreat and reconnect with yourself through self-reflection, yoga, and relaxation.

Our last mini-day retreat (last January), was a resounding success and thoroughly enjoyed by all participants. 

To secure your spot for 5th May, be sure to book early to avoid any disappointment.

For complete information, check out the retreats page by clicking the button below.

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MeetaYoga Retreat Weekends

Park Place Pastoral Centre, Wickham

Fri 24th - Sun 26th May

Spend a weekend enjoying some ‘me’ time in the tranquillity of this secluded area of Wickham.

Meeta would love you to join us for our first 2024 Yoga Retreat a weekend. Focusing on yoga, breath, meditation, stillness, and resetting our busy lives through yoga. Come, let yourself turn inwards, explore those places that need attention.

The weekend includes: Your private single room; all meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch; 10 to 11 hours of yoga and meditation; lots of Meeta’s home-made vegan snacks such as samosas, kachoris, energy balls, nuts and delicious home made vegan desserts after dinner.

Remember that anyone can join this retreat whether or not you have practiced yoga before.

For full details and booking form click on the button below.

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Class Timetable:- Effective January

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On-line ( Zoom)

Perfect for young mums after the school run .. Tue & Thu: 9:30-10:00am short morning classes for those who don't like or can't make the early 'Surys' sessions! 😴

The Zoom time-table from 3rd Jan is as follows:-

  6:30-7:00am     Surya - Core
  6:15-7:00pm.    Vinyasa 
  6:30-7:00am     Surya - Yin   
  9:30-10:00am    Vinyasa
  6:30-7:00am     Surya - Arms 
  6:30-7:00am     Surya - all in one
  9:30-10:00am    Stretch and meditate 
  6:30-7:00       stretch and meditate 
  6:15-7:15pm     Mind,body and soul
  9:30-10:00      Shakti-Shanti 
  9:30-10:00      Shakti-Shanti 

Book a class now

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Live Classes (Studio)

🧘‍♂️ 2024 class schedule:-

The LIVE class time-table from 3rd Jan is as follows:-

  11:15-12:15   Stretch, breathe & meditate  
  7:30-8:30pm   Yin Class  
  6:30-7:30pm   Vinyasa flow
  6:30-7:30pm.  Yin
  7:00-8:00pm   Hot Yoga
  8:00-9:00am   Vinyasa flow
  10:30-11:30   Hot Yoga

Book a class now

A BIG (Pretty!) Please from Meeta ...

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Google reviews

Thank you so much to the yogis who have spent a few moments adding a 5* review for MeetaYoga on Google!

I really do appreciate the effort that my yogi followers have put in to increase the chances of our website being delivered to prospective students as they search for their future teacher.

If you have the time and the inclination, you could have your say here:-

Spreading the word about MeetaYoga around friends, family, colleagues and social groups can also help folks who are looking to start their yoga journey find their way to Pentire.

You can really make a difference! 🙏

Link to google

Love and light,

Meeta x

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