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Yoga classes in Southampton

Yoga that makes the Impossible - Possible!

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Yoga in Southampton

Pranayama yoga with Meeta

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Pranayama yoga classes

With great breath, comes great yoga. This class will take your yoga practice to the next level.


There's much more to this than meets the (third) eye. Pranayama is two words:

  • Prana - energy
  • Yama - control

It's also the fourth of the eight limbs comprising the Wheel of Yoga, making it a fundamental practice that connects your mind, body and spirit. And, of course, breathing is fundamental to life.

In this meditation class, Meeta will guide you through a series of breathing exercises and techniques, involving perhaps closing one of the nostrils, or holding your breath for short counts.

Expect to hear words like 'Ujjayi breath' and 'Kaphalabati', which refer to different techniques.

You'll be taken through some gentle postures to prepare yourself, then you'll use yogic breathing to enter a meditative state, which calms the mind and revitalises the body.


  • improved lung function
  • a sense of really connecting with yourself and your yoga practice
  • great for anyone who want to understand more about the breath part of yoga
  • great for anyone who wants to practice a more spiritually connected mindfulness
  • helps remove carbon dioxide from the body, leaving you feel more clear-headed

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