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Yoga classes in Southampton

Yoga that makes the Impossible - Possible!

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Yoga in Southampton

Visualisation with Meeta

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Visualisation classes

Harness the power of your thoughts to reduce stress and boost your positive energy.

Combined with pranayama (breath exercises), this class offers a powerful antidote to the stresses and demands of everyday life.

Proper breathing is important for meditation, as it brings fresh oxygen into the blood, clearing the head to aid your thought processes. It also helps with clearing toxins from the bloodstream, promoting feelings of calm.

Here, Meeta will lead you through gentle breathing and stretching exercises to relax you, before inviting you to just listen. You'll be taken through a meditation using affirmations, images and mantras


  • allows you to imagine, then attract, what you desire in your life
  • boosts your sense of resilience in the face of life's demands
  • eases anxiety and stress
  • boosts physical and mental energy

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